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Ad in Amar Ujala Newspaper

Amar UjalaAmar Ujala Newspaper is a renowned newspaper that has been able to achieve circulation of almost 1,700,000 copies; and readership of 2.87 crores in India. It is amongst the leading newspaper in the Northern segment of the country. Therefore it is circulated in all the major North Indian cities like Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi; as there is a lot that is covered in this newspaper. Therefore be it Matrimonial ad in Amar Ujala,  Property ad in Amar Ujala, or Recruitment ad in Amar Ujala, it is ensured that the ads get proper weight age and they get the required visibility that one is aspiring for!


Advertising in Amar Ujala is highly beneficial because not only does it give the brand awareness about your products. It helps in connecting the buyers with the sellers while also making your brand known amongst all. Moreover this kind of advertising is simply hassle free. Therefore in case you are looking for putting Vehicles ad in Amar Ujala, Announcement ad in Amar Ujala, Remembrance ad in Amar Ujala, Computers ad in Amar Ujala, Education ad in Amar Ujala, Entertainment ad in Amar Ujala, Retail ad in Amar Ujala, Services ad in Amar Ujala, Public Notice and Tenders in Amar Ujala, or Travel ad in Amar Ujala all you have to do is go online and do the needful and see your ad placed in the newspaper after the initial formalities are all done. Therefore all the categories of doing the booking are also taken care it matrimonial, Automobile, real estate, Recruitments or obituary, there are all kinds of possibilities that this newspaper has to offer.


There are many types of ads and various cost factors that can be considered while advertising in the newspapers. So for example one can pick and choose Classified Text ads section in case one is conscious about the cost of advertising. Advertisement costs are based on the total number of lines advertised. We also give an option of enhancing the visibility of the ad by making them bold or putting a border around them. This facilitates your ads to stand apart and get due notice and recognition from the readers. All said and done after all the main intention of advertising in the newspapers is to get brand awareness across to the people and also facilitate them to buy or sell any products that they are looking for. This is definitely very well achieved by Amar Ujala!

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