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Economic TimesEconomic Times is India’s leading newspaper that brings forth the best business news, financial news, news about banking and loans and Economy news and its growth. It is a part of the Times of India Group, which is actually the largest media group in the country. With the vast expanse of the group there is a high level of dependency and faith of the readers in this newspaper as they highly rely on the quality of the write-ups submitted to the readers. This newspaper targets at the business professionals, consultants, academician business students and investors who are either based in India or are settled abroad.


With the kind of quality delivered by this group there is huge faith that is enjoyed by the readers. Therefore in case one is looking for  Matrimonial ad in Economic Times, Property ad in Economic Times, Recruitment ad in Economic Times, Vehicles ad in Economic Times, Announcement ad in Economic Times, Remembrance ad in Economic Times, Computers ad in Economic Times, Education ad in Economic Times, Entertainment ad in Economic Times, Retail ad in Economic Times, Services ad in Economic Times, Public Notice and Tenders in Economic Times, Travel ad in Economic Times... they can be assured that this platform would expose them, to the best and the foremost in every respect. The fact is that the Times Group of industry has grown almost 500% in the past decade and after Times of India, it is the second largest English language business daily newspaper in India


Advertising in Economic Times gives one the assurance that the products and services advertised would get a lot of exposure and they would be able to reach the sectored segment that is actually looking for such products and services to be rendered to them. Regarding the type of ads placed in the paper, Classified Text ads are the best options as they cater well to the quality conscious people. The cost of advertising on these ads is based on the number of lines advertised, the minimum being 5. In case the content exceeds the designated numbers then there would be extra charges. Also in case one wants to make their ad positioned well by giving it extra prominence; then also there will be extra charges levied on the advertisers. Besides the cost there are booking agencies that are available to make things convenient for you. All you have to do is approach them and select the category for placements of ads and you are good to go! This can also be accomplished online too therefore it is simply an unhindered and uncomplicated method of getting publicity in a simplistic manner!

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