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Hindustan Times belongs to the HT Media Group and this group with its services rendered for almost 80 years; has become with news media that is synonymous par excellence. The news, articles and write-ups published in this newspaper is highly appreciated by the people. With its circulations numbers touching almost 3.7 million readers all across the country makes this newspaper the highest read daily across the nations. Not only the regular newspaper, rather Hindustan Media publishes Hindustan which is the Hindi version of the same newspaper and Mint which is a financial newspaper.


Hindustan Times


Therefore it caters to all variegated tastes and requirements of people. Therefore in case one is looking for Matrimonial ad in Hindustan Times, Property ad in Hindustan Times, Recruitment ad in Hindustan Times, Vehicles ad in Hindustan Times, Announcement ad in Hindustan Times, Remembrance ad in Hindustan Times, Computers ad in Hindustan Times, Education ad in Hindustan Times, Entertainment ad in Hindustan Times, Retail ad in Hindustan Times, Services ad in Hindustan Times, Public Notice and Tenders in Hindustan Times, Travel ad in Hindustan Times.... you can know that you have come to the right spot as the news and the advertisements published here all come from highly reliable sources. For readers that are looking to advertise your products and services of their new business ventures, you can be assured that this platform would be able to give you the best exposure. Anybody looking for matrimonial matches can also resort to this platform for the ads, if you are looking for automobiles, properties, Education ads or any other specific requirement of yours then Hindustan Times caters to all your needs in a dependable manner. Not only would it be able to expose you to the right set of audience rather you can be assured that the services delivered are always  par excellence


Most of the people prefer to advertise Classified Texts in the newspaper as this turns out to be a cheaper option for price conscious people.  The cost of advertisements placed in this newspaper is usually based on ‘per line basis’ ...5 being the minimum! In case your text exceeds 5 in numbers then you have to pay extra for the advertised text. You can also enhance the visual impact of the advertisements by making it look more prominent in the ad by making it bold or giving special borders around it. Placing advertisements in HT is very easy, it can either be done through the booking agencies that cater to the required data, or bookings can also be made online after selecting the right categories...Just a few clicks and Voila you are good to go!


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