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HindustanHindustan is the Hindi Newspaper or the Hindi counter part of the popular English Newspaper The Hindustan Times, belonging to the HT Media Group. Where the Hindustan Times has the readership of 3.7 million readers daily, Hindustan enjoys the second largest number for daily readership of 36.6 million readers all across the country. The fact that there are millions resorting to the news and articles published in this newspaper in itself speaks volumes about the quality that it delivers. Not only does HT Media publish Hindustan and Hindustan Times; rather it also publishes Mint that takes care of the financial news of the nations. Therefore coming with such a strong backing in case one is looking for Matrimonial ad in Hindustan, Property ad in Hindustan, Recruitment ad in Hindustan, Vehicles ad in Hindustan, Announcement ad in Hindustan, Remembrance ad in Hindustan, Computers ad in Hindustan, Education ad in Hindustan, Entertainment ad in Hindustan, Retail ad in Hindustan, Services ad in Hindustan, Public Notice and Tenders in Hindustan, Travel ad in Hindustan ... then one can be assured that this platform would be able to provide you with just the right variety of products and services. In case you are setting up new ventures then advertising through Hindustan would assure that you are able to reach to millions of people and since you are using HT media as platform, this would give you an assurance that you would be able to get the best exposure after all! People rely on dependable mediums and this ensures that you would be able to take your new venture to newer heights.


Advertising in Hindustan is fairly simple, you can approach adverting booking agencies and select the right category and the date on which you want the advertisement to appear in the newspaper and the rest is all taken care if by these agencies. On the other hand you can also do the ad bookings online by selecting the category and date and making the payments and you are good to go. Just a few clicks and you get the exposure that you are looking for. Most of the people usually place classified text ads, as these are appropriate for the cost conscious people. Pricing is usually done based on the number of lines that are advertised...5 being the minimum. In case it exceeds that; then there are extra charges that are levied in accordance. You can also aim at getting better visibility in the ads placed by paying a little extra and getting some text put in Bold or with extra borders around your ads. Though it comes with a cost but the result that it generates are simply phenomenal!

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