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Education Ads in Newspaper

In the contemporary times Academic ads in newspapers are gaining momentum. Though there are many critics that feel that newspaper advertising is getting obsolete and it need to get revived instantly, however with the expanse and popularity of the newspapers, it is here to stay. No doubt Google and Facebook are the in thing but in the newspaper; ads like Architechture/ Landscape Architechture/ Urban Plan, Business Economics, Music, Coaching, Internet Courses and , B-tech colleges ads are definitely the place that one would look for in case one is searching for any of these things.


Newspapers in that regards are not obsolete mediums and they are the much sort after medium in case one is looking for Public school ads in newspapers or any other ads pertaining to tuition classes, or preparations to be made for competitive exams or so. There are many benefits associated with Newspaper ads, First being that since this medium is highly comparable to internet but there are more number of takers on the internet, therefore in case you find a good ad in newspaper, the likelihood of you getting through with it would be higher than people searching on the internet as there would be more traffic in the web.


Moreover there are many students that read newspapers therefore ads pertaining to education are more visited in the newspaper as it is good idea to go through print medium. Further Academic ads in newspapers offer greater credibility than the internet and this trust factor is essential to convert lead into prospective customers from the ads. Moreover the reality is that internet has very low penetration in India, therefore the print media becomes the reliable and trusted medium for all education related ads.

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