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Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper

To aid the traditional arranged marriage custom in India, Matrimonial Advertisements in newspaper have been the most sought after medium, despite the advent of a zillion online matrimonial sites on the internet.  Matrimonial ads in newspaper are perceived to be taken a little more seriously, rather than being over looked dismissively as in case of online ads. However, keeping pace with the tech dependant human life, you get an option to book matrimonial advertisements online.


Matrimonial Ads in Hindustan Times are released in the matrimonial section of its supplement- HT Classifieds, whereas Matrimonial Ads in Times of India  are powered by their Matrimonial website- Apart from these two most widely used English newspapers; one can also opt for the largest circulated Hindi daily in India- Dainik Jagran for the same. Matrimonial ads in Dainik Jagran can also be placed online and are targeted towards the Hindi newspaper readers. Matrimonial Ads in Amar Ujala can also be a got option to target this segment, as it is the fourth most read newspaper in India. Matrimonial Ads in Nav Bharat Times, again, aims the Hindi readers. This newspaper has a strong positioning in Delhi and Mumbai, making it the leading Hindi newspaper in these regions.


The target audience can also be chosen region wise. For wanted brides or grooms from the northern part of the country, matrimonial ads in Punjab Kesari can be a good option. Similarly, for the western part, matrimonial ads in Maharashtra Times would work the best.


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