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Property Ads in Newspaper

Property or real estate advertisement is a platform to buy or sell property in your desired locality or region. You can advertise for a barren land or a fully fledged built property, according to your needs.


One of the most effective ways to advertise is through real estate advertising in newspapers.  To release property ads in newspaper Delhi, two of the most sought after papers are Hindustan Times and Times of India. Property ads in HT are published in its special dedicated supplement called HT Estates. Whereas property ads in Times of India appear in their own similar supplement called Times Property.


Property ads in newspaper Noida and other NCR region can also be covered by the above two newspapers, since they are two of the most highly circulated and read newspapers in this region.


‘Accommodation Wanted’ and ‘Accommodation Available’ are the sections which you can use to seek or lend accommodations respectively. Apart from this you can not only lease & rent your property, but also find available land for sale.


Property advertisements can also be made for sale purchase of built properties like furnished or unfurnished studios/ apartments, banquets or holiday resorts. 


Property exhibitions ads too, find a wide range of readership when advertised under this section and result in a large amount of footfall.


These ads work the dual way for the real Estate Agents. They can use it as a rostrum to find prospective clients as well as properties to fulfil their clients’ needs.

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