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Recruitment (Jobs) Ads

To hire quality candidates from the market, the recruiters need to make an impressive impact on the target audience, in order to have them on board. This first impression is usually made through recruitment advertising, where the organization advertises for its vacant positions, in the market and invites applications from interested candidates.  This is one of the initial stages which determine a candidate’s interest in job opening and the organization on the whole. So it has a direct impact on his/ her discretion to even apply for the job.


Through these recruitment ads, the employers can talk about the job profile being offered, the complete job description, the company’s profile, the desired candidate profile, the salary and perks being offered and other necessary job details too. Apt information on all the above mentioned points can help the recruiter ensure relevant responses from the interested candidates, which helps in closing the vacancies faster and more efficiently.


The candidates can book jobs and vacancies by applying to these job advertisements and responding with their updates resumes. To collect the job responses, the recruiters can provide their email address or they can also mention their address or other contact details for the interested candidates to initiate a contact.


Recruiters with a budget constraint may opt for classified advertisements for newspapers, which are relatively cheaper than the larger display ads and they are charged for on a per line basis. These advertisements are grouped into categories like- ‘Sales Job’ or ‘Engineer Jobs’


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