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Travel Ads in Newspaper

Just in case one needs to travel; and needs to have any information pertaining to tours and travels, Car Rentals, Hotels & Resorts or bus rentals, then where do you think can one get this kind of reliable yet independent information without resorting to travel agencies who would just be patronizing their products?  Newspapers of course! Information in regards to Passport assistance, Trade Fair, Visa Assistance, Honeymoon Travels, can all be found in the newspaper.


Though in the contemporary society internet and social networking sites have a great role to play and they can be used to get information in regards to Hotels & Resorts Goa, Ticketing, Tours & Travels – Kerala, and  Holidays, but the question is as to how much penetration does the internet have in Indian society...It is barely just 7%.! In that regards it is very important that a medium of transmission is used that is dependable and its expanse is all over the population of India. In that regards Newspapers are the best bet as they have high circulation factor and also they are available in regional languages so that they can be read and used as per the information required.


However one might think that to advertise in these mediums it is significant to approach the individual offices and place the ad physically, However that is not true there are online booking agencies that take away the pressure of booking ads, You can simply select the newspaper and the category and the ad is placed in the newspapers...Totally hassle free and that too at an affordable cost. Therefore time and money are both saved!

Book Online Travel Advertisement in Indian News Papers

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