Digital Marketing Packages

Digital Marketing Packages

Online marketing tools are indispensable before you start doing any digital marketing action. It is necessary to have SEO tools at hand to position our website, tools for social networks to get followers, plug-in for WordPress and thus optimize our website, inbound marketing tools to automate our sales. Additionally, tools have been included for entrepreneurs, for companies and for those who are independent and need a compendium of graphic money tools.

Digital Marketing Packages support those companies that are daily in constant pursuit of growth and positioning of their products and services on the web, because this is the means by which each organization is increasing its sales dramatically.

If you are looking for a digital agency that becomes your ally when you want to get more webs positioning, contact us we can give you a complete advice, offering according to your needs and desires, an adequate and complete plan.

And it is true that the main benefits take a while to appear. This post brings together several simple actions that can bring advantages such as improving page indexing and boosting traffic to your site, as well as boosting conversion rates and opening emails.

  • PPC Packages
    The pay per click is a model of ads on the Internet that applies to both web pages and search engines. This model has 3 different payment systems:
    • Cost per click (CPC). The advertiser pays when the user clicks on his ad and arrives at the website.
    • Cost per impression (CPM). The advertiser pays a fee for the number of times his ad is served.
    • Cost per acquisition (CPA). The advertiser pays when a user has fulfilled the purpose of their website (for example, making a reservation at a hotel).
  • ORM Packages
    The ORM (Online Reputation Management) or online reputation management is a set of online marketing techniques consisting of the control of the concept or estimated that users of a service or a company, both current and potential, have about the quality , safety and reliability of it. With internet, of course, many possibilities open up in this regard, because it is easier and quicker than ever to check the opinions of different customers about a service or product, so that the public exposure of these data can affect very much sensitive to the economic performance of the company in question, whether it operates online, offline or both.
  • Link building Packages
    The link building is closely related to the Page Rank concept. The Page Rank is a rating from 0 to 10 that Google gives to any website, depending on the number of incoming links that website has. In a certain way, it is a value that indicates the importance of a website. Google and Face book, for example, have Page Rank 10. The more incoming links we have, the greater our Page Rank will be. If those links are also quality links (that is, from websites with high Page Rank), they will contribute even more to improving our own Page Rank. The higher it is, the better our website is positioned in the Google search results.
  • Facebook Marketing Packages
    Using Facebook for small businesses means having an already defined content strategy. The first step for a business is to set up a Fan Page (fan page) because this is the type of page that Facebook recommends for business. On the one hand you will have your profile for the private management of your contacts, but for all that is your business the correct step is to set up a Fan page. Doing it is very easy: you can directly visit Facebook Pages and there you can register a page.
  • Twitter Marketing Packages
    Twitter is a free social network that began its journey in 2006. It currently has 4 million followers and it is a of the reference RSSs to see what people think or talk about a certain topic through the use of so-called "hash tags".
  • Linkedin Marketing Packages
    LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It is a fast and effective way to connect with business people and large clients. Every professional and large company has an obligation to be on LinkedIn.
  • Instagram marketing Packages
    Instagram can also assist you increase the brand awareness among the customer and make them aware about the latest update in the brand. Instagram permit you to promote your site and product in a friendly, authentic way without hard selling to your client.
  • Blog Management Packages
    A free blog is interesting for people who start online and do not want to invest a lot of money, and the truth is that it has many advantages, although we must recognize that if you want to professionalize the business you have to think about allocating more resources to it.

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