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Why consider customization of your WordPress site

It's time to present a new chapter of the customization guide for WordPress sites! Recently we talked about making simple modifications to a theme using CSS, and then we saw how to create child themes with which to customize your page thoroughly.

Today we are going to see a simpler aspect of WordPress, oriented towards the pages and their use: page templates. With them it is possible to expand the functionality of your site without modifying existing templates, and you can also apply very specific changes to specific pages instead of all at once.

What are page templates?

As you may know, WordPress themes work through the use of several files, each used to generate the appearance of a particular page type. The entries, for example, are controlled by the file single.php, and the static pages by page.php.

Although this makes it easy to create many pages following the same structure, what happens when you need to create one or two pages that are different from the rest? Although you can use short codes to generate maquetada contents, it is very difficult to create a whole page in this way.

Fortunately, WordPress has a function with which you can apply a different design to the static pages that you choose. You can achieve this through the page templates.

Why most WordPress websites fail? More important: the web pages fail by failure of preparation.

A web page is a business communication tool. As such, it depends exclusively on the purpose that is given to it. Purpose in turn is closely related to the nature of the page and the particularities of the market.

In every project, preparation and analysis is necessary. No one starts building a house without first doing studies, plans, etc.

When you think about "having to have" a web page, it seems that your only reason for existing was your very existence. Have a website for having it or because it is normal. If this is the attitude, then it is not surprising that after the online business fails and does not achieve the results that were expected.

As with any other business project, when someone plans to have a website, it is necessary:

Be clear about the ultimate goal of online business, which is generally to sell through the capture of potential customers.

Identify who these are specific potential customers.

Know what are the needs, desires and concerns of that market niche.

How we make them succeed with WordPress!!

Make a correct web design

One of the first actions that we must take into account to have in the future success on my website is to make a correct web design , taking into account all the parameters that make your website have good visibility. For that you can count on the support of web design companies that for a reasonable price will give you a very good service.

Really, do not skimp on the process of creating your brand, you will not regret it!

Build a strong brand

One of the main objectives of your website should be to use it as a means to disseminate and publicize a brand. So, before you get "crazy" to generate content, I recommend you devote the time necessary to make a design of your brand.

Really, do not skimp on the process of creating your brand, you will not regret it!

Have knowledge or experience about the topics you write.

Writing about something that we do not know is not the best option or the best choice for a Blog, since you are going to enter on a slippery ground, and it is very likely that you give yourself a good "skid".

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