Magento ecommerce development and customization

Magento ecommerce development and customization

All entrepreneurs and managers who evaluate the opening of an e-commerce store know that choosing the right e-commerce platform is a complex decision and obstacles.

The first option for many professionals is to use easy-to-find online tools to quickly start your business. Although this choice must be the result of deep strategic considerations, the first problem that is faced is to a large extent the choice of e-commerce platform, because at first glance all may seem like a tool simple to use and easy to install, with which to create and give life to an online store in a short time.

E-commerce platforms provide important control tools to customize the appearance and style of the store. They also offer a range of configuration options accessible to all that make them customizable and updatable (they can evolve together with companies without falling into obsolescence).

In this article, we consider and evaluate three e-commerce platforms to discover which is the best: WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento.


Woo Commerce was born in 2011 thanks to the creators of Woo Themes, and is basically an extension of Word Press that allows you to develop an online store. WooCommerce has reached 10.8 million downloads and is currently used by 26% of online stores around the world. It has its own success in the ability to customize the platform in an extremely versatile way and its ease of use.

True to the Word Press open source community, WooCommerce is integrated into the core platform and can be further developed thanks to the many extensions that members of the WordPress developer community have created to enhance the shopping experience and store management. of electronic commerce.

There are several supplements (both free and paid) with which you can adapt the platform to the most varied needs. WooCommerce is highly customizable even in the free version.


Developed in 2006, Shopify has more than 200,000 active stores with a billed of $ 12,000,000,000 online. This platform is used by approximately 9% of online stores around the world.

This solution for the e-commerce store is especially suitable for those who wish to start their online business and customize the site from their own brand.

Shopify adapts to all the needs of the company: anyone who needs a complete e-commerce platform that already works the first day or decides to develop from the beginning.

With three types of subscription plans and an app store that offers several extensions to customize the online store, Shopify is highly modular.


Created in 2008, Magento has more than 250,000 virtual stores that generate more than 50 billion dollars in online sales annually. This platform is used by about 25% of online stores worldwide, in particular of the best 100,000 e-commerce sites on the web.

Magento is the platform for online sales professionals with more experience in the development of applications for the Web, or for organizations that can make use of ecommerce web agencies such as Web SEO Monterrey, specialized in the configuration and personalization of the same.

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