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If you are one of those who are thinking that, after completing all the work on your site now it is fully competed! Then here you can be wrong, as a website can be never be complete without taking any support and maintenance service. Like your body which is daily treated with food but then also it needs time to time maintenance in the form of doctor's treatment, same like this, a website is always incomplete without the aid of a doctor in the form of support and maintenance services. Intactinfomedia believes in not only providing the essential services for the completion of your website but it also focus on the complete satisfaction. It offers advice and supports to its clients. We offer a complete approach for all our services as well as outstanding customer service.

It has been commonly noticed that, after taking essential services for their websites from a SEO company, website companies don't even bother of taking other services for future prospects which leads to great fall in the business. All it results in the downfall of the traffic and may can start losing their present position. All these changes occur in the lack of good SEO support and maintenance. It only happens due to search engine ranking algorithms like Google panda updates, search engine compliancy and PR guidelines. To overcome all these loss, your website needs a good support of SEO. At Intactinfomedia, support and maintenance services is provided by professional Search Engine Optimization team which monitors the changes through SEO techniques and search engines policies.

What is the need of Support and Maintenance when your website is complete with all essential information and other things? This question can may arise in most of your minds that when you have spent a lot of money on the establishment of your website and when it is fully completed then now what is the need of any type of changes or support or maintenance. But not just at the initial stage, a website always needs up-gradation and changes such as :

Copy: When at once you have place the content on your website, but Google don't like the content because of its quality or duplicity then in this case, Google can put your site in spam. So, it is very important to save your site from this great loss and replace that content with the support of SEO Company.

Images: Images are the charm of a website and time to time it should be change also. So, to make your site beautiful and attractive, images should be timely changed.

Links: Links of a website can be said as a lifeline of your business. As a visitor clicks on that links and visit your site. But if they get stop working then in this case not only the visitors will get a bad impression of your site but Google too can take action against these types of broken links.

Sever Maintenance: Maintenance the server and emailing support. Keep secure the server and mail database etc. Other than these, your need of support and maintenance may vary from the type of business. For any eCommerce sites like change in product lists, prices list etc. Along with all these, yearly renewals of the websites are also provided.

Why choose only us? Hire, as your SEO Maintenance and Support partner and stay free of all sorts of tensions, like loss of traffic and position which occurs in the lack of maintenance. Here we offer website maintenance and management programs that are not only professional but inexpensive too which take care of all your web support needs. Focusing only in boosting the client's business, we provide a real and measurable return on investment (ROI).

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